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Hey #BBTVFam,

We love all your creative submissions for our VISO Custom Stickers call-out and now it’s time to announce our favourite custom sticker placement! Canal Amanda Please impressed us so much that we want to share a few of her thumbnails to take a closer look at how she successfully uses custom stickers to boost her YouTube brand.


Amanda Please’s channel is dedicated to vintage gaming and gives off major nostalgia vibes. Reflecting the vintage gaming theme of her channel and to put her own personal stamp on her videos, Amanda Please created a pixelated version of herself for a custom sticker that she can use over and over with different themes.


This is a great way to make your brand be the focus of all of your videos. Using different variations of the same custom sticker is also a consistent branding strategy that helps viewers identify your videos easily. Consider your thumbnail a valuable asset when you’re promoting your videos.



VISO’s custom sticker tool is perfect for putting your personal stamp on thumbnails and sets your channel apart from other creators. Try using it boost your YouTube brand image!


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