Less than two weeks ago, we asked you to Show Us Some YASS for a chance to get to VidCon 2016…and WOW did you deliver.

We got a crazy number of amazing entries that completely blew us away, making the job of narrowing down the top entries that much harder.

However, after some careful review and back-and-forth, we were able to come up with a top 5 list that really took things to the next level.

Check them out below!

YASS for VidCon‼️ by RandomNessa

VIDCON BBTV Entry 2016 – RackaRacka Homage by Oddest of the Odd 

Get Me To VIDCON 2016 (BroadbandTV) by tavo Ramirez 

Original “VidCon” Song by Twizley Gold 

Vidcon Video Contest by Ulian Hogen 

We’ll be announcing the winner on BBTV’s Twitter @5PM PST on May 25th!


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BBTV’s Show Us Some YASS: The Top 5!

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