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We’re celebrating #BBTVfam Week by shining a light on our awesome creators who never stop impressing us with their videos. Today’s spotlight is dedicated to the future Ryan Seacrest, Noah POPTV. Noah embodies the entrepreneurial spirit creating the buds of an entertainment empire through his YouTube channel. From interviewing the hottest celebs on the red carpet, to highlighting the incredible work done by organizations like Red Nose Day, Noah’s channel is the perfect place to catch up on your POP news!

Be sure to check out some of Noah’s videos below!

Red Nose Day USA Pre-Party Celebration Special with Walgreens! (2017)

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′ Red Carpet Premiere (2017)

The Williams Fam – #iCarltonChallenge | EXCLUSIVE Interview

BabyLand General Hospital “Cabbage Patch Kids” Tour | NoahPOPTV


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#BBTVFAM Week Spotlight: Noah PopTV

Sara Ruthnum

Sara is the Brand Marketing Specialist at BBTV. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, she moved to Vancouver, BC to attend the University of British Columbia, coincidentally the same year as the Vancouver Olympics Games. She now enjoys all the city has to offer. Sara received her Bachelor of Arts from the UBC with a double concentration in the Humanities and Economics.

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