Are you ready for today’s creator spotlight for #BBTVfam Week?!

Today we’re shining our BBTV light on our beloved partner and U.K vlogger Falcore. Touching on everything from movie reviews to the most relatable daily problems, Falcore is a breathe of fresh air in the YouTube world for being super authentic and honest. Never shying away from hard topics, you can always expect real talk from Falcore. When it comes to being a member of the #BBTVfam, Falcore’s never been shy of professing his love. He’s become quite the aficionado of our great creator tools (just take a look at his awesome thumbnails), and is willing to impart his knowledge on other up-and-coming creators. 


Check out his videos below:


100 Questions Nobody Asks Tag (Requested) Part 2


My BBTV Experience | Being a BroadbandTV Partner and using the tools…


Regret – turn it on its head and do something positive!


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#BBTVfam Week Spotlight: Falcore

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