This Sunday, the biggest sporting event on television is live from beautiful San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium – Super Bowl 50!!! And with this year being the BIG bicentennial, things are ramping up to be a vigorous and exciting event. Not only are we excited to see the Panthers take on the Broncos, but from what we’ve seen from the teasers, the ever engaging commercials are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

The #BBTVFam is getting in on the action too! Check out just a few of our partners’ Super Bowl videos. From highlighting the best commercials to what you should wear to the tailgating party, the #BBTVFam has got you covered!

Siena Mirabella

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Heading to a Super Bowl party this weekend and don’t know what to wear? Siena is here to help! Whether you’re a Panthers or a Broncos fan, make sure your wardrobe is on point. Check out her video below, and look fresh and stylish on the big game day!

Tyrone Magnus

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Bad Lip Reading is back with this year’s take on the NFL and Tyrone Magnus has the reaction you need to see! That’s not really what they’re saying… or is it? Check out his latest video below!

The Gay Men Channel

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The Super Bowl has something for everyone! Food, music, commercials and (oh ya) football! ‘The Gay Men’s Guide to the Super Bowl’ discovers why it’s so popular to so many people. *Spoiler* Super Bowl is an excuse for people to have a good time! Check out the guide below!

iO Trendz

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Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ was one of the hottest videos of 2015, and T-Mobile was able to keep the momentum going in their hilarious Super Bowl 50 video!  iO Trendz has the details on one of this year’s funniest commercials. Check it out below

Bud light always seem to have some of the best Super Bowl commercials, and 2016 is no different! This year, with the help of Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, Bud Light’s teaser commercial sees the pair take on the USA, canvassing the states to rally the people behind the great Bud Light Party.

iO trends dishes on Doritos 2016 sneak peek! 50 years of hilarity culminate in this bold graduation, as they prepare to crown the winner of this year’s Super Bowl contest.

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The #BBTVFam takes on the Super Bowl

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