Happy Canada Day everyone! And what better way to celebrate our Canadian pride than with another #BBTVfam! This week we’re highlighting a mix of videos from BBTV Creators that come to us from all corners of our network! We’ve got fresh uploads focusing on everything from vlogs, comedy, cats, beauty, gaming and much more! If you missed last week’s uploads make sure to check them out here.



Crack up with JINX this Canada Day! With multiple talents, hip hop recording artist JINX is also a hilarious vlogger who comments on other YouTubers and Viners’ videos. For his most recent upload he chose Vine videos from the popular Disney movie ‘Frozen’ to comment on! Check out his video here:


Keep your hair healthy and glamorous for the summer with Megalizabeth9! From hairstyling tutorials to hair damage control and celebrity hairstyling, Megalizabeth9 has got you covered. If you’re looking for hair styling tips to change up your look for everyone’s favourite season, don’t miss out on this beauty guru’s Summer Lookbook here:



The bubbly and funny IAMJAMESSSS takes on dares from his fans in his newest #DareJamessss video! He tests his limits and eats his own poop! Just joking, but you’ll have to watch to find out what really goes down in his video below. If you want to submit a dare for James you can use the hashtag #DareJamessss and tag him on Twitter.


Get yourself the perfect shades for the summer! If you’re into men’s style and fashion, Highveld is the perfect channel for you. He covers product reviews, hairstyling tutorials and more! In his latest styling video he features Warby Parker sunglasses:

Shelter Cats and Kittens

Meow! Who doesn’t love watching cat videos online? Shelter Cats and Kittens has got you covered with adorable, heart-warming videos of some of the web’s most adorable kitties, who also just happen to be shelter cats. Watch Shelter Cats and Kittens’ adorable foster kitten, Winnie, dance to the Bruno Mar’s popular hit ‘Uptown Funk’ here:

Wander Blush

Are you entering college this year? It can be a bit of a nervewracking experience to say the least, and we’ve got the perfect channel to ease your freshman nerves – Wander Blush! Emily aka Wander Blush shares her college experience on ‘How to Survive College’ to help you get through your first year! Check it out here:

Honest Tech

Do you want honest reviews on the latest gadgets and software? If the answer is yes, Honest Tech is your go-to channel. Check out his latest review on the ‘iHere 3.0’ the anti-loss rechargeable bluetooth key finder & remote control:


Attention football fans! Just in time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015, JMCTV shows you a virtual world for football. You can watch virtual simulated football matches like the JMC World Cup (FIFA and PES) from a strategical view on their channel. Here’s their latest ‘Colombia vs. Ecuador JMC Copa América 2015 | FIFA 15’ video here:


Can’t decide whether or not to buy the newly released ‘Batman Arkham Knight’? Harveylm has got his hands on this new game and wants to share his experience with you! Check out his gameplay and see if he can spark your interest!

Stay tuned every week to see what new videos the #BBTVBlog has in store for you!

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#BBTVfam Edition 3: What’s Hot This Week!

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