We want to highlight 9 videos from BBTV creators from all corners of our network! This week we’re serving up fresh uploads from our #BBTVfam

Food & DIY:

Fearless Charlotte Ryan shows you her everyday makeup routine in her latest beauty video, but don’t forget this talented girl also makes delicious food videos!


Need the perfect recipe to create a healthy breakfast? Catcher Caroline shows you how to make a yummy raspberry acai bowl, perfect for people on a strict diet:


Love cooking and got a sweet tooth? Rosie’s Dessert Spot teaches you how to make extravagant baked goods, which are pleasant for the eyes and amazing for your tastebuds! Check out her ‘Rainbow Waffles Recipe Tutorial’ in her newest video:



What happens when you combine Disney princess parodies with rap songs? You get Mackenzie Lynn’s comedy channel! Check out Cinderella and Rapunzel rapping to Big Sean’s song IDFWU:

Don’t want to miss the latest Hollywood buzz?  MrHollywood TV has got you covered, showing you behind-the-scene interviews with top Hollywood’s top stars. Here’s his latest video with Wil Wheaton:


Are you an action figure enthusiast? Shawn Smith has a massive collection of action figures and he’s ready to show you his newest review ‘Transformers CW Ultra Magnus figure’ here:



A tribute to the late actor Paul Walker, Eryn Pablico and Chloe Peterson use their beautiful voices to cover ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth. Don’t miss out on their amazing rendition here:


Trying to find some fresh electronic dance music? Aurelleah Music creates original orchestral and melodic Dubstep tracks. See if their latest video – ‘Melodic Dubstep ‘Forever’- will become your next favorite tune:


A beginner at recording your own music? From recording drums to guitar and even holding a mic properly, Glenn Fricker has the solution for you! Learn how to properly record heavy drum sounds in his newest “Heavy Drums” series:


Stay tuned every week to see what new videos the #BBTVBlog has in store for you!

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#BBTVfam Edition 1: What’s Hot This Week!

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