March has been a great month and BBTV is so thankful to have SO many amazing, inspiring and talented female creators! All our female creators are making history!

Our final spotlight is shining bright on gamer extraordinaire – 2MGoverCsquared! Ally, also known by her fans as Gover, runs successful YouTube and Twitch channels, streaming to her followers and playing (and kicking butt) at the hottest games and everything in between. She also shares her journey as a gamer travelling around the world to gaming conventions and updates on the life of Gover. Her followers call themselves the Peep Crew and are super engaged with her content, sending her fan mail by the mailbox, and Ally is happy to open the weirdest mail in her fan favourite videos – Peep Crew PO Box.

Check out 2MGoverCsquared for the latest in gaming and join the Peep Crew

Taking Gover: Twitchcon 2017

ULTIMATE GRENADE FAIL – Goat Gover Moments #27

Goat Gover Moments #26 – I’M MORGAN FREEMAN


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