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Releasing video after video but not seeing a surge in your viewership numbers? The problem might be simpler than you think – your YouTube video titles aren’t optimized for searchability!

The title of your video is probably the most important SEO factor to consider on YouTube, and coming up with a video title that gets you discovered can be just as hard as coming up with the original ideas for your videos.

Find Your Keywords

When trying to come up with an effective title, focus on the subject of your video and the keywords you think best capture the content. What kind of words will people use to search for your video? Really try to get in the mindset of the viewer.

Put Them First

Once you’ve pinpointed the keywords you want to target, put them up front. If you have a long title, YouTube may cut off the end of it, leaving viewers unsure what the video is about. By keeping keywords up front, you can rest assured you’ll be telling both viewers and search engines exactly what your video is about.

VISO Catalyst Title Optimizer

Not sure how to label your videos to get the most possible views? The VISO Catalyst Title Optimizer makes every word! Optimizer using this free-to-access tool for all BBTV Creators, and you’ll hit your optimal audience appeal and SEO targets for every upload. 

Also be sure to use the keywords throughout your metadata. From your description to tags, this consistency will pay off big time in reaching your audience.

So stop getting lost in the pile-up of videos, and start standing out with the help of VISO Catalyst.

Be on the lookout for a big announcement that will make Title Optimization even simpler on September 22nd!  

Start growing your YouTube views today, sign up for VISO Catalyst, our exclusive creator platform with tools to get your videos fully optimized, match you up with like-minded creators, and much, much more! Get the details on VISO Catalyst by checking out our partnership page below.


#BBTV Tips: YouTube Video Titles & Unlocking Your Searchability

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