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Commenting and interacting on other channels is a great way to build your audience. Don’t spam your channel link, but be conversational, and try to provide value to the conversation. Show yourself to be a leader and knowledgeable about your niche. This can be a great way to develop a relationship with other creators and influencers as well, and may lead to potential collaboration opportunities.

What’s the biggest misconception about YouTube? That’s it’s a competition. Yes, as a creator, you are trying to stand out in a sea of other creators, but this doesn’t mean you should be pitting yourself, and your videos, against one another. Working together with another creator might actually be one of the best ways to fast-track success, on both of your channels!

This starts by making content that people want to be involved in. Then, when it comes to reaching out, come with a plan! Sending an email saying “Hey, can I be on your channel?” is a lot less enticing, than explaining why a collaboration would be an amazing idea for both of your channels.

Taking the time to find collab opportunities can be hugely beneficial to the growth of your channel:

  • Tapping into new audiences
  • Exposing your fans to other channels they’ll love, making you appear even more valuable as a creator
  • Building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with other talented creators.

When finding the best collaborators for your channel, don’t just look at their channel size. Think strategically about why this collaboration could be a success.

    • Understand Their Audience: content is important, but the audience watching that content is more important. While working with creators with big followings can bring huge pay-offs, don’t exclude smaller channels who are on their way up.
    • Get Creative With The Content: whatever you decide to produce collaboratively, make sure it logically fits with both of your brands.  A YouTube creator comes complete with an existing fan base, as well as experience in what kind of content gets viewers commenting, subscribing, and engaging
    • Make A Plan For The Release: Establish a plan beforehand on how you are each going to market the video to your followers, and ensure you’re both happy with the promotion before pushing the content live. Each video should include links to the other creator in the description.

Really show your passion and dedication towards your channel and make this apparent to other creators.

And don’t forget about off-screen collabs too! The people behind the camera can can sometimes have a bigger impact on your content than those on-screen.

Following these tips should help you establish meaningful, smart, and rewarding collaboration with other YouTubers.


BBTV Tips: YouTube Collaboration & Unlocking More Views!

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