Even if you’re not a pro yet with a camera, there’s plenty of easy tricks to follow when it comes to angles, motion, and tools. How should you be shooting your next YouTube vid? Well that comes down what story you want to tell.  

There are three main types of shots, wide, medium, and close-up and ways to effectively apply them:


Wide Angle Shot: This helps set-up the scene and give the viewer context on what your video is about.


Medium Shot: This all-purpose shot can be used to offer clues or direct the focus of the viewer to what’s ahead.


Close-up Shot: Perfect when you’re talking right to the audience, this should be used to remove distractions, and create a personal, intimate, and conversational feeling with your viewers.


Try out different angles and shots to bring your story to life, and give each moment the look and feel you want to capture. The way you shoot your video plays a big role in where the audience’s attention goes, so for your next video consider writing down a storyboard to help you visualize.

Another trick is to add a little motion and energy to your shooting style. Tilting your camera up and down or panning to somewhere else can be an effective way to change the viewer’s focus, while zooming in helps say, “hey, check this out!” Remember it’s not just where you move the camera, but how, that can make all the difference.

Just try to think about how your viewers will experience the footage when you play around with motion.


Creator Tip: Consider Filming in Vertical

Over 50% of YouTube views are now coming from mobile. Think about that for a minute and let it sink in. If you’re seeing a big chunk of your audience is coming from mobile views, consider filming vertical content and testing its performance. For smartphone users, it’s just more natural to hold a device one-handed and upright, which makes the vertical format ideal for on-the-go viewing. This could be a booster for watch time on your channel, so try it out and see what happens!


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