YouTube, as we all know, is a crowded space. With the sheer volume of content being uploaded every minute, getting people to land on your video and discover your channel isn’t easy. A great way to boost discovery is latching onto a topic people are already searching for – and the best way to do that is by following and understanding what’s trending, or better yet about to trend.


There are two main resources at your disposal here: 

YouTube Trends Tab

The first place to look is the newly launched YouTube Trends Tab, which showcases the latest trending videos and offers up an invaluable resource for daily insight into what’s happening in video across the web. By making use of current viewership data, YouTube Trends surfaces popular videos in real time, and provides a blog of broader trends developing within the YouTube community. This way you can latch onto a topic that might work well within your channel content, and that might drive viewers already searching for the topic right to you!

Google Trends

Another great resource is Google Trends. Giving wider insight into what’s making news online, the website also offers a “Trending on YouTube” feature. Here, you can look up the top 200 trending videos, and add filters likes “country” and “timeline” in order to uncover the most relevant results for you. The Trending data also goes back to 2008, enabling you to take popular search queries and explore traffic patters over time and geography. This way you can plan ahead, and discover the best time to post topical content based on historical and seasonal patterns. 

So start 2016 by staying on trend, and who knows, maybe by the end of the year you’ll be trending yourself!


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BBTV Tips: Understanding YouTube Trends

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