Header looking sick?  Thumbnails look amazing? So then how come your channel and uploads aren’t killing it on the search results page?

It’s probably because while looking good is important to online video success, it’s only part of the equation. YouTube doesn’t look simply to visuals, or understand video content on its own when it comes to ranking. Being a search engine and all, if you really want YouTube to find you attractive enough to feature up front in the results page, you need to get your metadata looking flawless.

Keyword Tags:

Metadata can be summed up as the group of text descriptors that go along with your video content. The first thing you’ll need to discover is the keywords you can tag your video with, essentially making it searchable.

Generally Speaking: 

First, establish the general category your content belongs in – write out your general tags here.

Be Specific:

Once you’ve got that covered, get down to the root of what your content’s about, and mix it up with words and phrases to really hit your highest results.

Helpful Hints:

  • Consider your target audience and how you think they will be searching for the kind of stuff you’re producing.
  • Create tags for your channel, and use for each upload.
  • Only use enough tags to thoroughly and accurately describe your videos.
  • Update video tags when new and relevant viewership trends emerge.
  • Include keywords from your title in your video’s tags.
  • Don’t use misleading tags as this process will end up working against you in the search algorithm.

The Next Step: 

Platforms likes VISO Catalyst have built-in tools to optimize your keywords. The Tag Optimizer recommends relevant keywords to choose from, making your content as searchable as it can possibly be. Now your audience can see what you’ve got!

So remember, if you feel like YouTube isn’t getting your content or channel to your audience, it’s possibly because you’re not taking the time to put yourself in peak position for going viral!

Phrasefinder 2.0 

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BBTV Tips: Tag Your Videos – Be Specific

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