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Alright creators, let’s say there’s a highlight in your latest upload you want to showcase to your viewers.  Well, what if it’s not at the start of the video? You could tell viewers to skip ahead to the point you really want them to see, or you could follow this week’s BBTV Tip and send them to a specific point in a video!

Here’s How:

Creating deep links is easy, all you need to do is add a time code to the end of the URL. To do this, simply add #t= and enter the time you want to direct to.

Begin by deciding what time you want your video to start. Look at the time code on YouTube and make a note of it. For this example I want to start a video for viewers at 1 minute and 30 seconds.

You can do this in one of two formats:

  • Separate by minutes and seconds and add #t=1m30s
  • Find the total number of seconds and add #t=90s

The same code can also be used when you are embedding a YouTube video in your web pages. Now when a viewer clicks, the video will play from the exact point you’ve selected. This way you can push highlights and specific clips out to viewers without having to create a separate video, and without asking them to watch through the whole upload or skip ahead themselves!

And remember Creators, if you’re really looking to get the most out of YouTube, VISO Catalyst has been built with tools that significantly cut down on the time you spend uploading and ensures full video optimization to maximize your viewer reach!

Be sure to check back next week for the latest BBTV Tip as we get you ready for your biggest year on YouTube yet!

Tubefilter Announcement

Last month we got the unbelievable news that seven BBTV Partners made Tubefilter’s Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Worldwide Chart for November 2014!

Well creators, the list for December has been released and we’re absolutely thrilled to report that the number has risen to eight!

Leading the charge once again was fernanfloo, rocketing up to number 13 on the list!  He was joined on the list by AuthenticGames, Vikkstar123hd,  KYR Sp33dythemasterovvideogamesHelldogMadness, and Godson who each continued to kill it on the view count!

You can view the full list on Tubefilter and for all the gamers out there, if you haven’t already, spend some time checking out these creators’ channels – they really are taking the web by storm!

BBTV Tips: Send Viewers to a Specific Point in a Video!

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