Cut to 2014 – more and more of your favourite entertainment and must watch programming has moved over to YouTube, you now you might be re-thinking that new entertainment unit you just splurged on for your living room. Before you even start thinking about buyer’s remorse, remember there’s an easy fix here – the YouTube TV app.

How to get the most out of pairing

The best way to get the most out of this handy cross-over application is by pairing up your phone, tablet or computer (or all of the above) to your TV in order to send videos directly over. This way you avoid the hassle of searching the old-school way with a remote control. Just think, you’ll never have to endure the struggle of sitting and typing “cat riding a roomba dressed as a lobster” with your TV remote again!

So here’s how

The first thing to look at is whether your TV is smart or not. Most likely if you bought it in the last few years or if your TV can support services that require an internet connection, then you have a smart TV. Simple. If not, see if it has an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi capabilities – then it also qualifies.

So now that you’ve established your TV is the right fit, it’s time to pair. This can be done manually or automatically. For manual pairing just launch YouTube on your TV or console, navigate settings and scroll to the Pair Device screen. Then on your device, go to Settings, select Connected TVs and enter the Pairing Code.

Touch or click the icon to select the display on which your video will play. If you’re using a supported TV or console, your phone, tablet, or computer will be automatically paired when you’re on the same Wi-Fi Network.

The Takeaway

Pairing the YouTube TV app is a great option to have when entertaining or when you just want to watch YouTube on a BIG screen. The best part is that only connected devices control the YouTube screen, so you’ll have total say in what’s being thrown up on the TV. Finally, you’ll have an advantage in the remote wars and be able to have your favourite YouTube uploads playing on your TV in no time at all!

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BBTV Tips: Pairing Up Your Device

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