How successful you are on YouTube comes down to how many fans you can attract. Simple as that. And building engagement with your current viewers is just as important, if not more, than finding new ones.

A great way to improve your success is by understanding how much content your viewers are watching and whether you’re doing everything you can do to get them to watch more. Here’s how:

Annotations, end cards, and playlists are your best friends on YouTube. Use them effectively and you’ll be able to retain more of your audience beyond just one view. The Annotations Report will help you determine the right spot to place one in. Consider optimizing or closing annotations that have abnormally high close rates (anything above 5%).

Playlists are a powerful way to extend viewing sessions thanks to auto-play. After you set them up, keep an eye to see which are performing best. Create an effective metadata strategy for each one so that viewers can find your playlist in search. Then, update and promote ones that are driving the highest watch time and keep changing up the order of videos so that the most popular are at the top.

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BBTV Tips: Measuring Success by Understanding Watch Sessions

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