Cut down on the time you’re spending navigating on YouTube! How you ask? Well let’s take a step back for a minute and really look at some YouTube basics: are you getting the most out of your viewing experience? Well one way to become a master viewer is by unlocking the shortcuts, available just on your keyboard, that can give you that extra time to check out more content or enjoy what you’re watching even more.

The basics to remember: 

The spacebar can be used to play/pause

The ← key will take you back 5 seconds

The → key will skip the video forward 5 seconds

the ↓ key decreases volume while the ↑ key increases it 

Press F to enter fullscreen and Esc to exit

Select tools without using your mouse:

The tab key lets you highlight tool options without having to use your mouse to scroll around. In order to execute just press enter or space bar.

Skipping back and forth: 

Start by pausing, then you can skip part of a video by pressing the numbers on your keyboard. Skip 10% by pressing 1 or if you’re really impatient and just want to know how it all ends, press 9 and you’re 90% there!

So there you have it, some easy tips to watch YouTube like a pro, all available right at your fingers! So go ahead and navigate over to YouTube armed with all the ways to master the art of viewing.

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BBTV Tips: Master the Art of Viewing

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