Turns out there’s more than just clicking the subscribe button when it comes to staying on top of your fave creators.

This week’s BBTV Tip first came to our attention when BBTV partner and goth vlogging phenom Toxic Tears posted about a problem she and a number of other YouTubers were hearing from their fans. It seems that even though they were subscribed to her channel, they weren’t getting notified when she posted new stuff! So for this week’s tip, we’re switching the focus to help you viewers with a very quick rundown on managing your YouTube Subscription Preferences.

To ensure your preferences are the way you want them, just click on the preferences icon (looks like a small wheel) next to the subscribed button. This will open your subscription preferences. Simply click the ‘Send me updates’ option and you’ll be all set.

Then, go through your list of subscribed channels and update your preferences accordingly for each one.

Toxis Tears



It’s a very easy way to make sure your feed is the way you want it!


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BBTV Tips: Managing Your YouTube Subscription Preferences

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