Hey creators! As you know, YouTube’s policies are built to make sure you and your content stay protected. An important, somewhat recent update to YouTube tackles monetization, and it’s something all of you need to know about! So listen up to this week’s BBTV Tip giving you all the info on Monetization Suspension.

Effective now, YouTube will suspend monetization for channels found to have multiple infractions violating their Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and/or AdSense Program Policies.

What You Need to Know

  • Suspension works on a 3 point system: each infraction (types listed below) counts as a point against your channel.
  • If your channel receives 3 points, you will receive a notification on your YouTube Dashboard stating that you have 40 days to resolve the infractions before your monetization is suspended.
  • If your monetization is suspended, 6 consecutive months of good standing (no additional infractions) will reinstate your monetization.
  • Deleting a video with an infraction does not resolve it, and may actually make it impossible to resolve. Do not delete videos with infractions.

Types of Infractions

Content ID Global Blocks

Community Guidelines Strikes

Copyright Strikes

For BBTV Creators, as a network partner we’ll send you a notification every time you incur an infraction. This gives you the opportunity to resolve any issues as they happen. Remember, if you stick to the rules surrounding copyright, this change should not affect you or your channel. In a nutshell, make sure that you own or have explicit permission to use all content that you upload to your channel. If you do end up with a strike or a claim, be sure to check out our support portal for help disputing it. This is just another one of the ways we make managing your channel easier!

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BBTV Tips: The Lowdown On YouTube’s New Monetization Policy

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