Sometimes you’ve just gotta live in the moment.

Creating a Live Stream on YouTube gives your fans a new way to experience your channel.

By hosting your own Live Stream, you can:

  • Interact with fans in real-time and build a deeper connection
  • Let viewers see you in a whole new, unfiltered light
  • Target BIG tentpole moments as they unfold, and latch on to the conversations that are trending as they happen.

The Strategy for Going Live: 

Before you do anything else – test, test, test, test the live functionality on YouTube! Things can go wrong when you’re streaming, and despite your best efforts probably will, so remove the threat of technical difficulties, and try and get familiar with what to do if something glitches.

Your gameplan should then be broken down into three main points:

Before The Broadcast:

If you’re investing time and energy into a Live Stream, make sure your followers know it’s coming. Market it everywhere on your social media up to a few weeks before and start telling your fans about it at the end of regularly scheduled uploads. Make sure to cover your bases and be specific: when it’s happening, how long it’s happening for, and include a link to a full description.

Then, create a teaser trailer to really hype it up, and get people talking and sharing!

During Your Stream:

Be as prepared as you possibly can be for the unexpected. Check the comments coming in as the stream progresses and engage and adapt based on what people are saying. Keep things on schedule and try to enlist a collaborator to help manage the conversations on social media.

After It Ends: 

Once you’re done, take a deep breath! Exhale. Then once your adrenaline has calmed down a little, start looking for the best parts of the broadcast. Edit this down and upload it to your channel, either as one upload or as a series depending on the amount of content.

Remember, as long as your channel is in good standing you’ll be able to live stream video the world!


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BBTV Tips: Liven Things Up – Discover YouTube Live Streaming

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