Organize your priorities – developing a relationship with viewers is one of the best ways to keep them tuned in to your channel! YouTube is a social platform after all, and viewers are logging in to do more than just consume,  they’re looking for ways to interact with your content, one another, and you – the creator.

By building a sense of community, you create fans who not only keep subscribing, but also start spreading the word on what you’re doing.

And here’s how…

Start by acknowledging your viewers and listening to what they’re saying. Read through the comments section and see who your channel die-hards are. If you have more than 1000 subscribers, you can use the Fans tool to view a list of your most engaged audience members. Viewers are identified as fans based on their public interactions with your channel and their own influence on YouTube.

Get personal

Once you know who these users are, it’s time to get to know them personally. Recognize them and make them feel special – a shout or message will do the trick! Listen to what they have to say, and help them inform your content moving forward.

Be a conversation starter 

Conversations amongst fans are bound to happen without you. One BBTV Tip is being the first to comment on your upload yourself. That way your comment stays at the top. You can then use this opportunity to ask your viewers a question or help activate and steer the conversation in order to best support your channel needs.

So be a conversation starter, get social and get smart when it comes to interacting with viewers on YouTube!

And remember, VISO Catalyst‘s Engagement Tool can help you track comments and specific viewers on your channel so you can respond to them effectively. Better still, it also points out influential YouTubers that are participating in the chatter on your channel more effectively so you can capture every opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. Who knows, maybe one of those big influencers would be up for a collaborative video or two!

And remember only one more blog post until you can unlock the BBTV #Phrasefinder. Be ready on Thursday when the final clue is revealed and you can piece together the hidden BBTV Tip below for your chance to win an amazing promo package from us!

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BBTV Tips: Let Them Know You Are Listening

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