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External linking, using annotations like a champ and making sure your upload is optimized to the max are all important in creating success on YouTube. But something else that’s super important – the quality of your video production itself!

Nowadays, YouTubers from all sizes are stepping up their game when it comes to production quality. There are many ways you can make your videos more visually appealing, but one of the most important and easiest ways is creating better lighting – and it’s this week’s BBTV Tip!

There are tons of techniques for lighting a video, but the most simple and cost-effective is having a soft light near your camera, pointing at you.

This is a list of my recommended LED lights ranging from super affordable to I’ll-need-to-save-for-a-couple-months affordable.

CN-76 LED light

This is one of the cheapest on-camera LED lights you can get. At $22 USD on Ebay you get the light with a few diffusers. This camera uses AA batteries, so make sure you also get some rechargeable batteries! This camera is not the brightest or the highest quality, but it’s very affordable and should help you stand out from your background.

F&V Z96

This is one of the most popular lights amongst video shooters. It’s compact, camera mountable and it comes with a diffuser so you don’t have too many harsh shadows. You can find this light on Ebay for $70 USD with free shipping.

F&V R-300

This ring light allows you to create a very nice and defining light thanks to its shape. It also creates these small halos on people’s eyes, which looks really cool. This light is more on the expensive side at $200 USD on Ebay, but it’s very bright, high-quality and it works with rechargeable batteries or a power adapter.

640 LED Ring

This is another LED Ring light that creates very nice and soft lighting. This type of light is used a lot in fashion shoots for its even and soft light. At $250 USD on Ebay, this is the most expensive light on our list. This light is larger than the F&V R-300, so it creates a more pronounced halo reflection on people’s eyes.

You will need a light stand for this specific light, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have to add that to the total cost.

So whether you choose the CN-76 or the 640 LED Ring, make sure you experiment with the light position, intensity and diffusion to create a unique look that your audience will remember.

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BBTV Tips: Increase your Production Quality with an LED Light

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