More than a portal for entertainment, sharing, and content creation, YouTube is above all else a search engine. Understanding the platform’s algorithm is essential to helping your channel and videos get seen by more people. Even if you’re not an expert at optimization, there’s a few super simple ways you can help improve your YouTube search rankings that this week we’re covering in the following three steps:  

Optimize Your Videos For How Viewers Search
Pinpointing the exact words and phrases people use to search for content like yours is essential to winning the results page game. Take advantage of the free tools right in front of you here, with YouTube Trends and Keyword Planner both offering invaluable insight into what people are searching up. The trick is to find words that are getting a good number of hits, but aren’t so competitive you’ll be completely lost in the pile up. There’s no exact threshold, but use your best judgement. And when you’re using Keyword Planner and YouTube Trends, make sure to select the targeted country you want to rank in.

Target More Than Views
YouTube search rankings are affected by the number of views, sure, but the number of likes (thumbs up), social shares, and inbound links, also factor into results. When your video goes live on your channel, you should do as much as you can to boost your numbers here by sharing across your social profiles and across social bookmarking sites, embed it on a video section of your website, and reach out to blogs or targeted sites that might be interested in giving your stuff a feature.

Invest in Production Quality
YouTube highlights HD videos in search results, so if you have the production power, do your best to use this to your advantage. Even if HD is out of your current realm, remember that super low-quality videos often end up at the bottom of the barrel and can quickly turn viewers off. So if you want to stay competitive in search results, make sure you’re maintaining a decent standard of quality in your video production practices.


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BBTV Tips: How To Improve YouTube Search Rankings in 3 Steps!

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