Tentpole programming can be a super easy way to grab more viewers. It simply means creating videos and playlists that capitalize on audience’s interests in current events, releases, and holidays.

In the run-up to this holiday season, for instance, millions of people are searching for videos around this one-theme, and it might be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to your channel!

What can you do to drive the best results?

Get Ahead of The Crowd
Don’t wait until the night before to gift your fans with a holiday-themed treat. It’s best to program before a topic really starts trending. That way you generate views from your subscribers and watch time that will rank well when it’s indexed in YouTube’s search engine. Then, when people really start searching, it’s ready to be discovered!

Utilize Google Trends
For holiday content, this might seem a little obvious. However, by looking at historical data from Google Trends, you’ll be able to pinpoint when the content really starts to become a hot commodity (it’s likely much earlier than you think).

Heads Up! YouTube Has Released Sponsored Cards!
YouTube has recently rolled out their own Holiday treat with the roll-out of Sponsored Cards! Displaying content that is relevant to that featured in your video, viewers will see a teaser for the sponsored card, lasting only a few seconds, which they can choose to click to access further information about the content. If you have set-up the monetization feature for your videos, YouTube will automatically activate these across your content and you’ll have the potential to start earning revenue.


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BBTV Tips: How To Create YouTube Holiday Tentpole Programming

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