Sometimes it’s good to be a big tease…especially when it comes to programming your YouTube channel!

By teasing, or giving viewers just a taste of what’s coming up on your channel, you’ll keep fans engaged between releases and build up the pre-launch anticipation.

It’s one of the best YouTube tricks out there, and something tons of big YouTube personalities employ for their channels.

To get you started, here’s BBTV’s 3 ways to be a tease and get fans buzzing about your upcoming release: 

Teaser Trick 1: Get Cryptic on Social 

If you want to kick-off the pre-launch buzz, start with a posting on Twitter or Facebook that gets fans talking. The trick here is to say enough, without saying too much. What we mean by this is:

  • Tell them something big is on the horizon without giving your whole concept away
  • Promise to give more details soon
  • Give an idea of when it can be expected

Teaser Trick 2: Show Your Work

A great way to give viewers more to talk about is by showing them a behind-the-scenes photo of you at work, or a snap of your video in production. Then, start the conversation up by asking them if they’ve got any guesses on what it could be.

Teaser Trick 3: Post a Trailer 

A week or so before your release, create a 15-second trailer and post it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Or be an even bigger tease with a six-second Vine. Trailers are super sharable, and if spliced together properly, drive up a ton of buzz!

So remember creators, it’s not just what you’re posting, it’s how you promote it that can make a big difference in YouTube views on your channel!

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How To Be A Tease: BBTV’s YouTube Tricks To Create Buzz!

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