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Just because you might not have the equipment or expertise of a professional-grade editor doesn’t mean you can’t make quick fixes to the quality of your uploads that can make a huge difference in your production quality. You can make tweaks and add effects to your videos directly on YouTube or when you upload a video using the “Enhancements Feature” – here’s how:

  • To get started, visit your Video Manager in the Creator Studio dashboard and pick a video you want to enhance. On the quick fixes menu you can tweak the lighting and color of your video and change the speed, (if you want even adding in some extra drama with scenes in slow motion).
  • You can make your video shorter by clicking ‘trim’ and then adjust the handles to pick where your video starts and finishes
  • The filters menu lets you add a filter that changes the look and style of your video. You can make your video black-and-white or even pixelated.
  • Finally, the special effects menu has a tool that will try to blur the faces in a video. Feel free to test out different effects, fixes, and filters here.

Nothing is permanent until you save! Use the preview player to see what your video looks like with enhancements on, and if you save changes and want to undo them later,  you can come back and revert to the original. Keep in mind that if your video has allowed a lot of views or is too long you won’t be able to save enhancements on your video. Instead you can save a new version of the video the with the effects applied.

And remember, adding effects to the way your video looks is sometimes only half the story! Check out how to start using Sound Effects to pump up your production quality even more!


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BBTV Tips: How To Add YouTube Enhancements To Videos

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