Having a video go viral can be one of the most unexpected and thrilling moments for any creator! So if it happens with one of your uploads, our first piece of advice is to enjoy the moment. Give yourself a big pat on the back, you did it! Now comes the tricky part – how to keep the fire burning on your channel following a breakout hit. While there’s no real trick for going viral once, or doing it again, there are some ways you can boost YouTube views and increase YouTube subscribers on your channel, riding on the momentum you’ve created from this video. This brings us to this week’s addition of BBTV’s YouTube Tips – 3 ways to help you handle going viral:

Listen & Engage

One way to keep the flames burning is by staying on top of the conversation surrounding your video. Engaging with your audience leads to loyalty and interest, and adding an engagement portion to your videos, like answering viewer questions, can give your content a boost and make it more sharable as well as create a stronger bond between you and your viewers.

Have a Plan for What’s Next

If you want the success of your video to really create long-term success for your channel, you need to have a plan in place for what’s next. Keep quality content coming, and the YouTube views are more likely to continue. Don’t wait around either, because online audiences have a very short attention span.

Use This Video To Help Build Your Personal Brand 

Think about what made your video such a success, and learn more from interacting with your audience. This can help inform how to shape your personal brand to align with the audience that already loves you, and turn your breakout hit into a thriving channel!


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BBTV Tips: How To Handle Going Viral

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