Being a successful creator on YouTube isn’t easy, and finding ways to drive more subs to your channel can be exhausting. YouTube gets it, and they’ve got tons of tools built to make things way easier that you might not even realize are right at your fingertips.

YouTube Branding Watermarks are a great example of this. Not only do they give your videos built-in branding, keeping your content identifiable when shared across platforms, but they also give viewers a super simple way to sub when they’re watching!

Here’s how to enable this feature:

  • Go to My Channel
  • Click the pencil icon on the right side of your channel just below your banner and select Channel Settings
  • From the left bar under Channel Settings, click Branding
  • Click Add a Watermark, and your channel logo will appear in the bottom right corner of all your uploaded videos, across every device.

Now, whenever a viewer hovers over this watermark, they can subscribe to your channel! If they’re already subscribed, they will be able to  click to your channel to view all your other videos.

So make it easier for you and your fans to enjoy your channel. Enable the watermark feature and drive more subs and video views today!


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BBTV Tips: Driving Channel Subs with a YouTube Branding Watermark

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