What’s the best way of figuring out whether fans are really digging what you’re creating? View counts, comments, and the thumbs up to down counter can give you a solid snapchat on how you’re performing, but if you really want to deep-dive into what’s working it’s time to get into your analytics – more specifically your Audience Retention Report!

Audience retention is the measurement that shows you whether people are really engaged with your videos. You can quickly discover how many viewers are watching them until the end, or if the majority of your audience is clicking away quickly.

By looking into the stats in your report, you’ll be able to pinpoint when/if your viewership is dropping off. Knowing exactly when viewers are packing up can help you uncover why they left. Did you suddenly switch topics? Is the video simply too long?

The Absolutely Audience Retention Report reveals a trendline which indicates exactly how much of a video people watch. It adjusts for the parts people are re-watching, and dips where they drop-off.

Use this info to your advantage, and build future videos around what people are watching (and re-watching and loving), while cutting out what’s got them tuning out.

Remember, videos with consistently high retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in Search and Suggested locations on YouTube.

So use the data here to keep viewers watching – all the way to the end!


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BBTV Tips: Drive More Fans By Measuring Engagement

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