Sometimes it’s best to think of your YouTube fans like your friends – people you can say just about anything to! So if you’ve got something you want to ask them, don’t be subtle, be direct and just ask them! While annotations, and now the YouTube Cards feature, offer a great resource for getting messages out to your fans while they watch an upload, if you’re creating something that features your own commentary, find a way to organically include a call to action (CTA) within this!

3 CTAs You Should Mention:

  • Subscribe
  • Watch More
  • Like and/or Share

Clear, simple messaging is the way to go here. Make it as easy as possible for viewers to understand and don’t overdo it – too many prompts can cause confusion or alienate the audience.

Turning Viewers into Subs:

As a creator, always try to put yourself in the viewers’ head space. Audiences can’t read your mind, and might not even think about something unless you nudge them in that direction. The good news is if you’ve got them watching a video the hardest part is over –  their attention is yours! Now you just need to ensure you use the time you have with them as wisely as possible. Include a compelling CTA that asks them to click the “subscribe” button.

A Simple 3-Part formula to remember: 

  • Tell them what to do.
  • Tell them how to do it.
  • Tell them why to do it.

For example: “To stay up to date with my latest tips make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the subscribe button above this video”.

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BBTV Tips: Don’t Write It Down, Say It Out Loud with 3 YouTube CTAs!

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