Brand new week, brand new BBTV Tip! Improving the viewing experience for audiences often comes down to the simplest things. For instance, when you upload a video on YouTube think about how you want people to see it: do you just want it to go in an unorganized pile with everything else on your channel, or can you bring a bit of order to your inventory?

The fix

Create playlists for your videos! It’s quick, easy and oh so effective. Playlists make your videos simple to navigate, particularly if they’re part of a series. Its helps viewers get the most out of your channel, and saves them from guessing what they should be watching next. They’re also great for SEO, displaying in full on the results page when viewers search!

Here’s how to make it happen:

Head over to the YouTube Video Manager and click the Playlists page on the left sidebar. Here you can create, edit and delete playlists from your channel.

Choose the video or videos you want included, click add to and select the playlist.

Now it’s time to get creative:

Think up a perfect name that sums up what’s inside and choose a thumbnail that will really grab some attention! If a playlist needs context, put together an intro video or trailer. Also make sure your metadata is on point, a good title and description will go a long way.

Remember, if you’re really looking for ways to succeed on YouTube, VISO Catalyst is built with tools that significantly cut down on how long you spend uploading and ensures full video optimization to reach your target audience. This way you can get back to creating content and watching the the videos you love!

Phrasefinder 2.0 

We’re off to our second BBTV #phrasefinder contest. Find the hidden BBTV tip below, starting with the clue in today’s post! Be ready on Thursday when the next clue is revealed. You’re one step closer to a chance of winning an amazing promo package from us!

_______  _______  with your _______  and _______ .

Review contest rules here.

BBTV Tips: Cut the Clutter, Organize with Playlists

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