Building up a loyal and consistent audience is a key part of long-term success for any YouTuber, and above all else this comes down to getting new viewers to hit that subscribe button.

YouTube subscribers have been shown to consume twice as many videos as non-subscribed viewers. They’re super engaged, and they’re what you need to build your community and create your own personalized brand online.

The majority of your new subscribers come from your channel homepage, not a specific video. Even if your videos are generating new viewer discovery, audiences almost always want to know more about you before they decide to sub.

The 4 Most Important Areas to Cover Are:  

Header Image

It’s the first thing that’s going to catch a viewer’s eye, so make sure you have an image that really reps your channel’s personality. Use this valuable real estate to make a pitch for what your channel offers (including an explicit call to action), and a specific posting schedule that builds anticipation for new content.

Channel Trailer

Your trailer is your ultimate showcase. When you create a trailer keep in mind that viewers have a short attention span, and need to be hooked instantly to continue watching. Show, don’t tell what your channel represents, and be explicit in what you want here, i.e. them to sub!

Channel Sections & Playlists

No one wants to look at a mess, so make sure your channel looks nice and organized to give audiences the best first impression. Add channel sections and create playlists that are super user-experience friendly.


Remember that people connect with faces more than objects, so don’t be afraid to show them your best angles here. Also remember the different formats you need to cater to. Make sure thumbnails are sharp, crisp, and readable for mobile viewers, (now over 50% of the YouTube audience).


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BBTV Tips: How to Convert New Viewers into YouTube Subscribers

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