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Alright, alight so maybe numbers aren’t the most thrilling topic out there. But hey, numbers don’t lie – and they happen to be the key to unlocking vital stats and info on your channel’s performance and if used properly, can help you boost YouTube subscribers fast!

It’s simple, by looking at the analytics behind your views and audience, you can pinpoint areas where you can improve.

Here’s the basics you need to know on YouTube Analytics:

  • Click on The Views Report and discover data about views and estimated minutes watched for your content. Filter it by geography to get a better sense of where and when your views are coming from.
  • Click on The Demographics Report and you’ll be able to understand the age and gender breakdown of who’s watching your stuff, as well as top locations where you’re getting views.

Now, here’s where things get more interesting: YouTube has recently added an update to Analytics, where you go into the Subscribers tab and filter to see results for only subscribers, or only non-subscribers. Using this data you can better determine:

  • When to upload new stuff
  • What kinds of videos your subscribers are loving
  • If your videos are getting  tons of views from non-subscribers viewers and  aren’t converting

Based on this information, you might learn how you need to be more explicit when it comes to asking viewers to subscribe – something we’ve discussed before – and what kinds of content will keep subscribers happy.


BBTV’s got your back

If you’re a BBTV Creator, you can go beyond YouTube Analytics and access our exclusive VISO Catalyst technology, offering you the Big Picture on your channel!  The platform actively searches analytics data for you, and recommends how you can improve your content – making it super easy to act! See how your videos are performing when it comes to Watchtime, Views and Subscribers! Then, get insight from VISO Catalyst on what to do next!

Interested in joining up with BBTV and becoming a part of our thriving community full of talented creators? Click below for more on what YouTube Network Partnership with BBTV could mean for your channel!


BBTV Tips: How You Can Use Analytics to Boost YouTube Subscribers

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