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Better broadcasting practices aren’t hard to apply, just look at the pros. Let’s say you’re watching the big Sunday game with your friends and every time the players break the commentators go silent. Not very entertaining now is it? Well think about this when you’re preparing for your next eSports cast, and make sure you’re keeping the viewing experience engaging. This brings us to this week’s BBTV Tip – Use Your Game Screen To Keep Viewers Watching.

So let’s cut back to the basics for a second. If you’re a rookie broadcaster, the most important thing to first do is decide which direction you want to go in.

There are two main styles of casting:

  • Colour – these broadcasters focus on the entertainment value. They are the ones who like to talk smack.
  • Play-by-play: the more straightforward approach, they provide running commentary of the action taking place on-screen at any given time.

Once you’ve decided which direction you want to go (and they’re not mutually exclusive by any means), you can set up for your first cast. An important trick here is to really utilize the information from the game screen to keep viewers informed during breaks in the action. The game screen refers to all of the data that the game provides you in order to help you drive informed commentary. For example, if you were doing a League of Legends cast, you can always update viewers on the number of kills a certain player has or where they are currently located on the map. Basically you are using the scoreboard and game data to keep your commentary going at all times, and keep the audience engaged throughout. As with any successful video, also be sure you’re using a good quality microphone or headset to avoid distracting static or buzzing.

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BBTV Tips: Broadcasting eSports? Use Your Game Screen To Keep Viewers Watching

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