No matter how big or small your channel, one thing you’ve probably got on your mind when it comes to being a successful YouTube Creator, is simply ‘how to make money on YouTube’.

One of the best ways to improve YouTube CPM and your earning potential is by making your content advertiser-friendly.

Here’s BBTV’s 3 Ways to make your channel more appealing to advertisers:

Avoid F-Bombs & Offensive Topics

A common message that we hear from the advertising community is that they’re typically looking to run their ads on ‘brand safe’ videos. So what exactly does brand safe mean? It means that if you want brands to work with you, you need to avoid:

  • Being super offensive (including any kind of sexism, racism, or hate speech)
  • Swearing your face-off
  • Sexually-explicit content

Get Your Production & Approach on Point:

Brands want to work with creators who showcase a commitment to the quality of their uploads and channels. So to make them more interested in you, make sure you are:

  • Uploading consistently
  • Producing high-quality content

Drive Engagement and Build Your Reputation as an Online Influencer:

Finally, brands want to work with creators who have an ‘influencer status’. Really this comes down to the engagement levels from your fans, including:

  • Active conversations in the comments section
  • A strong like-to-dislike ratio
  • A strong subscriber-to-view ratio
  • Big and engaged social media followings

So if you want brands to work with you, it can come down to more than just your YouTube views. Make your channel more brandable, and help improve your YouTube CPM by considering these 3 steps!

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BBTV Tips: How Brandable Am I Being?

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