Every football fan knows there’s one day a year that trumps the rest, just as every movie buff has that one night they can’t help but look forward to more than anything else. So what do the Superbowl and The Oscars have in common? They’re both what you’d call major tentpole events in our yearly calendar.

Tentpole events are the cultural milestones that organize our viewing habits. From major holidays, to big sporting events, to blockbuster movie releases and much more, they’re what shape the online conversation. So why are they important to your channel? Targeting these trending events are a great way to boost YouTube views by tapping into what already has people talking. Finding creative ways to integrate a tentpole event could do wonders for boosting YouTube subscribers and growing your channel in a big way.

BBTV’s 3 Ways To Boost YouTube Views By Getting On Target With Tentpoles:  

  1. Pinpoint the events that are relevant to your audience. 

Don’t try to tap into every major event on the calendar, but instead decide on which ones your audience, or potential audience, will be engaged with.  One trick is to see if there’s any pre-buzz on social media coming from your fans on an upcoming event.

  1. Get creative in integrating the event into an upload.

Don’t change your video format or genre to program around a tentpole! Get creative in working it into the kind of uploads you’re already doing, perhaps as an over-arching theme.

I.e. If you do make-up tutorials, create something holiday-themed, or if you do comedy videos, create a parody surrounding a major release.

  1. Get ahead of the buzz by releasing a few days earlier.

Release your video several days prior as the build up buzz is often just as important as the event itself. Then make sure you’re using the appropriate thumbnails and metadata to capitalize on search trends.


So when it comes to targeting major events, remember to be strategic and make the most of what’s trending online!

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BBTV Tips: Boost Viewership By Targeting Trending Events

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