So a few weeks back we announced an exciting partnership with the leaders in social media for YouTubers – Epoxy! Epoxy helps your videos stick across social media and helps you grow your following beyond YouTube. Their awesome social tools just got even sweeter too, with last week’s addition of a GIF and Meme Generator!

Your fans are your own personal social army of supporters, and staying on top of your audience is super important to success on YouTube. For this week’s edition of BBTV’s YouTube Tips, we want to tell you about the 7 ways Epoxy makes this possible, and helps make sure you and your fans stick together!

7 ways Epoxy can help you stay on top of your audience:

Manage all your audiences from one dashboard

While creating a strong presence on multiple social networks is super important, it’s not always easy to manage. Log into Epoxy and get insight into your entire social media presence in one place.  From their dashboard, you can share your videos, start a conversation with your biggest fans and see how well your videos are performing with your audience.

Share YouTube videos to Facebook and Twitter

Facebook alone gets one billion video views per day! Just think about how many people you could reach by sharing your videos and interacting with fans on these major platforms. Epoxy makes it simple to share and manage right from their dashboard.

Discover your top fans

With Epoxy you can see who’s talking about you the most across social media, and filter them by how large their fanbase is, and how many times they’ve interacted with you. That way you can spend your time engaging with the fans that matter most, and have more time to keep making great videos.

Create video trailers to keep fans excited about your next video

There are some really unique things you can do with Instagram to help promote your channel. One way is posting a 15-second teaser of an upcoming video. Epoxy makes this process really easy with the Preview Clip Generator, a tool that automatically pulls in your YouTube video and lets you edit a unique preview clip.  Then you can upload to Instagram or Facebook!

Find fans you didn’t know existed

Fans often see a video, grab a link, write about how great it is, and press Tweet or post on Facebook! No handle, no hashtag, just a tweet that exists, but you don’t know about it. Epoxy discovers them so you can start engaging and increase your YouTube subscribers!

Focus in on the most important channel activity for retaining and growing your audience

When your audience is on each social network, sharing your videos, photos, and posts, it’s important to know when they’ll interact with it the most. Epoxy helps you see when your audience responds to your content the most, and tells you when the best time to post is.

View your trending videos on Twitter, even from a Tweet that doesn’t contain your handle

As we said before, the majority of people talking about your videos on Twitter don’t even mention you, your handle or your hashtag. More than 85% of people sharing your video don’t know who you are. Epoxy shows you all these tweets. Putting them front and center and sorting them by the most influential people tweeting about your video.  That way you can easily respond directly to those influencers.

If you have any questions about Epoxy, contact their personalized support team, available via live chat or email!

Haven’t signed up for an account yet? Well if you’re a BBTV Creator you can now access Epoxy, along with a ton of other features exclusive to your partnership with us, directly on VISO Catalyst! It’s just another way we’re making it easier for you to manage your channel and grow you audience. So log into VISO Catalyst today (or sign up for an account). Your social video empire is at your fingertips!

Not a partner but interested in becoming a BBTV Creator? Learn all the ways BBTV can help you grow your channel today!

BBTV Tips: 7 Ways Epoxy Lets You Stay on Top of Your Audience!

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