As we mentioned a few weeks back, YouTube has finally rolled out their new Cards Feature as an alternative (and hopefully an eventual replacement) to annotations that should make promoting your content in videos way easier!

What’s so great about YouTube Cards? To start with, they look super slick and polished, especially compared to annotations and they’re also available to you anytime during video playtime.

So far YouTube has released six card-types to choose from: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding.

Depending on the card type, you’ll be able to customize an image, title and call-to-action text when you set it up!

To access, you’ll find a new “Cards” tab in your Video Editor to create and edit them at any time.

5 Tips To Remember When Using YouTube Cards:

Cards are meant to be a big help for growing engagement and building your personal brand on YouTube. Before you start adding them to your videos, check out our five YouTube tips on getting the best use out of this awesome new feature that can help you increase YouTube views on your channel:

  1. Ensure you’ve properly set them up: a full breakdown here.
  2. Use Cards to reach your mobile audience. Unlike annotations, YouTube Cards work across screens! With 50% of audiences tuning in to YouTube from mobile this is a huge deal!
  3. When making a video, don’t point to the card. It may be in a different place on different devices.
  4. Don’t use these cards as spam. If you use three cards or less, you will have a higher click-through rate.
  5. Spread your cards out in your videos. You will find they work better during portions of the video when your audience retention dips

Remember, in order to display cards, your account needs to be in good standing! Performance reporting for cards is also available in YouTube Analytics.

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BBTV Tips: 5 Ways To Play Your YouTube Cards Right!

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