Alright so let’s say you’ve just finished creating your latest upload and it looks amazing (of course)! As good as it’s looking, how’s it sounding?

This week’s YouTube Tip isn’t about upping your video’s audio quality, that’s something we’ve tackled here before, but instead focusing in on the importance of adding the perfect soundtrack.

Here are BBTV’s 5 ways to get your videos in tune, and how Epidemic Sound is here to help:

1. Think About What Role Music is Playing

Make sure your music is a good match for your content and creates a more engaging viewing experience. If your soundtrack is overwhelming, it’s going to turn viewers off from tuning in.

2. Create Branded Intro and Outro Music  

Give your videos their own little theme music at the start and end of your uploads. Try to make it short, fun and catchy just to add a little tempo to your personal branding and give viewers a sense of completion.

3. Explore Styles and Experiment 

If you’re a BBTV Creator, you have free access to Epidemic Sound’s full library of 25,000 high-quality tracks. An amazing feature within their service is that Epidemic allows you to split compositions down to STEMS, or individual tracks where instruments can be heard and edited separately.

This allows you to create totally unique tracks from over 100,000 sound files right at your fingertips! 

4. Choose Music that Speaks to Your Audience

Think hard about who’s watching your stuff! Consider demographics when choosing music for your videos. Will the choice of a certain genre speak straight to the heart of the viewer you are trying to reach?

If you’re trying to reach a broad market as you try to increase your YouTube subscribers, look for music that has mass appeal; you don’t want to alienate your audience with anything too genre-specific.

5. Ensure you Avoid all Copyright Issues 

The last thing you need against your channel is a strike! With Epidemic Sound, you can avoid any actions taken against your channel thanks to their library being completely free of all usage rights online!

Just remember, Epidemic Sound does requires you (as per their Terms of Service) to provide proper citations. In particular, you need to add the following in your video description and/or in your video credits: ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (’. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! 

So BBTV Creators, go ahead and film your latest upload. Then log in to Epidemic Sound to discover the perfect soundtrack, completely and totally cleared of all rights!

Interested in joining up with BBTV and becoming part of our thriving community full of talented creators? Learn more about what YouTube partnership with BBTV could mean for your channel!


BBTV Tips: 5 Ways To Get Your Videos In Tune & How Epidemic Sound Can Help!

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