The recommended video section on YouTube is something of a holy grail for creators. So how does YouTube choose the vids to highlight?

While most creators focus exclusively on driving up the quantity of view counts, YouTube is most interested in the quality of your viewership. Essentially, YouTube wants to find the most relevant results to give users in search queries and recommended content. YouTube watch time – not view counts – takes priority here, and more specifically whether viewers are watching beyond the first click.

Watch time boils down to the amount of time viewers spend watching YouTube after your video in one sitting. So what can you do to improve this on your stuff?

Check out 5 Steps to Boost Your Watch Time Performance: 

  1. Use Your Analytics: You can use your YouTube Analytics Report to identify which videos drive community actions like comments, favourites, and likes. The Audience Retention Report shows which videos have low view times and view-through rates, and indicates which videos are successful at keeping viewers watching.

2. Be an Effective Editor: Make your videos as long or short as they need to be. Create a compelling opening and work to keep interest throughout.

3. Direct Viewers to More Content: Use Cards, annotations and closed captioning to make it easy for viewers to continue watching, and avoid directing your viewers to click off to other sites.

4. Develop Programming Strategies: Build long watch time sessions for your content by organizing and featuring content on your channel. Create a regular release schedule for your videos when uploading to encourage viewers to watch sets of videos over a single video. Check out a breakdown on organizing your channel here.

5. Include Compelling Calls To Action: Tell viewers exactly what they can expect when they subscribe! Subscribers are your most loyal fans and most likely to drive improved watch times.


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BBTV Tips: 5 Steps To Improving YouTube Watch Time

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