The way something sounds is a HUGE part of the story! And Sound effects can be a big part of the experience for viewers tuning into your channel. Without good sound design, your videos can come off as one-dimensional.

Think of that perfectly timed “kaboom” during a high speed collision, or that hilarious “bloop” as an object hits the water.

Beyond changing the whole experience for viewers, good use of SFX can increase your production value exponentially. It’s also a great opportunity to show some personality in your uploads and flex your creative muscles.

3 Steps to follow:

  • Brainstorm: how can you utilize SFX to tell a better story? Think about it when you’re first putting together ideas for your upload. When searching for sounds, think descriptively about how to find the effect in a database.  
  • Start experimenting: try throwing sound effects into your uploads to see if they produce the feeling you’re going for.
  • Gauge the response: do you see a spike in viewership, number of people sharing or talking about your video, likes to dislikes? Scroll the comments to see if fans have taken notice. Or be direct, and ask viewers what they think.

Where to get sound effects

There are tons of ways to get sounds. YouTube, for starters, offers an entire free library. Another option is creating your own. And for BBTV Creators, you can access Epidemic Sound completely for free – delivering over 30,000 uniquely awesome SFX for your choosing!


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BBTV Tips: 3 Steps To Sound Effects

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