BBTV’s very own Brandon Rogers – the brains and talent behind the popular Magic Funhouse series and the funniest comedy channel on YouTube is nominated for Best Comedy Series and Best Costume Design at this year’s Streamys Awards!

Check out our interview below with the YouTube superstar ahead of the Streamy Awards that will take place on Tuesday September 26, 2017.

Congratulations on your two Streamy nominations for Best Costume Design and Best Comedy Series! Where did the inspiration for your iconic characters come from? Are these characters based on real-life people or completely from your imagination?

My characters are all satirizations on personality types most of us can relate to, for better or worse. Most of these creatures invent themselves on their own, especially when I look in the mirror and meet them for the first time. I suddenly know how they process information and interact with other.

Awesome costume design and comedy sketches often go hand-in-hand. Why is costume design so important to your videos?

It’s not about how authentic the costume is, but that it’s authentic enough to be describe my vision of who they are, and often times we even warp them to fit humorous physicality’s (small prosthetic hands, women with facial hair, etc.) The same as your voice or mannerisms, the physical appearance of your role is just another limb of how you portray them.

What do your two Streamy Awards nominations mean to you and your channel’s success?

It’s an honor to truly feel appreciated from such a prestigious entity. After 12 years of films I poured my heart into as an actor, writer and filmmaker, to finally be acknowledged by the internet in this way is a surreal privilege.


What kind of character or topic would you like to tackle next?

I’m currently working on a series that thematically revolves around love, and the various ways we can perceive and give it. But don’t worry. It’s no less a corrupt, offensive sh*tshow like the rest of my products!


What are you most excited for at this year’s Streamy Awards Show?

I’m excited to be nervous again. Haven’t been this scared since I was in college and it’s a wonderful thrill. I’m going to be wearing loose, black pants at this thing.


How would Hall Monitor Helen react to your Streamy nominations?

First I’d have to describe to her what the Streamys are, then she’ll tell me she’d respect me more if I was working a 9 to 5, [explicit content] so I could feed a family I can barely afford because at least that’s a lifestyle the school system enforces her to instill.

BBTV Streamy Awards Q&A: Brandon Rogers

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