BBTV’s very own Blame Ryan Carter is nominated for a Streamy Award in the Live Category! Ryan has catapulted to superstardom for his videos and now is making waves in the YouTube world. Ahead of tomorrow’s award show, we talk with this amazing and talented creator about his success and what makes his YouTube channel so unique. Check out the interview below! 


Congratulations on your Streamy nomination in the Live category! What was your reaction to the good news?

Thank you. This nomination caught me by complete surprise. I had just woke up from a nap after pulling an all nighter broadcasting on, so I was extremely confused when I looked at my phone and saw like 10 “congrats” messages and my Twitter having a meltdown.  I carry this nomination with great pride in my Legos and am honored to have come this far.


What inspired you to become a livestreamer?

Live broadcasting kind of just fell into my lap. I never planned it. I went live and starting playing my music as a way to practice daily and it just stuck with me. My roommate Tj helped a lot. Being a broadcaster himself, he continues to keep me grounded in a lot of ways. I’m just taking it day by day and working hard on my upcoming EP release in January 2018.


You’ve become a superstar who’s also building a huge fanbase across other social media platforms like YouTube. What do you think is the key component that sets you apart from other creators who livestream and create content for YouTube?

I believe the key component that sets me apart is my ability to adapt. A Jack of many trades. Whether I’m broadcasting or making edited content, you never know what to expect from me. I’m all over the place and I think that sense of excitement and uncertainty makes for a great show.


What’s the hardest part of your job and what’s the most rewarding part of your job? 

The hardest part of my job currently is time management. Balancing the different platforms/ideas/talents/posts daily can be quite a tedious task. I’m pretty much the Energizer Bunny. The most rewarding part is seeing the connection it helps create between people from all walks of lyfe. (lyfe- life with a y, a purpose, a meaning)


How do you see your Streamy nomination affecting your career choices?

It’s my hope that this Streamy nomination helps establish true momentum in many facets of my career. I take this nomination as proof that hard work never let’s you down and as a sign that bigger things have yet to come.


We love your video “When You Hear Your Favorite Song”. What’s your current favourite song to belt out in the car?

“I Like Me Better” by LAUV. Catchiest tune in the game currently! That and “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit.


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