Hey Creators! Looking to boost your personal brand by launching your own web destination? With Squarespace you can! BBTV has teamed up with Squarespace to give all BBTV partners 10% off their first year! Check your inbox for instructions on how to redeem this offer! And for partners with 20K+ subscribers, Squarespace is offering you an entire year of their services for free, just follow the instructions below!

Once you’ve signed up, we encourage you to promote your Squarespace account wherever you can! Add a link on your channel, tweet it, post about it on Facebook and Instagram, or mention it in an upload to drive your fans to your personal Squarespace!

Sign up for Squarespace now!



Build it beautiful with Squarespace!

Squarespace allows you to easily create and maintain a professional-grade website. Whether you want to create a blog, online store, portfolio or all of the above, you can impress your audience with a website powered by their intuitive platform!

Some of the benefits of using Squarespace include:

  • User-friendly tools to make any design your own, ensuring you achieve the custom look you want.
  • Multi-screen capabilities and mobile-friendly.
  • Every annual account that signs up receives a custom domain.
  • Powerful social integration that make your website the center of your online identity.
  • Sites are optimized for top SEO results.
  • Discover important analytics and view traffic and behavior of visitors in real-time.
  • Reliable cloud-based hosting with zero downtime.
  • Award-winning 24/7 customer service

+ More!

Creating a website has never been so simple! With Squarespace you can add your content and features anywhere you want with the click of a mouse, you can even set up an online store!

Partners with 20K+ Subs: How-to Redeem 1-Year Free Offer:

Sign up for a free Squarespace trial and send us an email at squarespace@bbtv.com with your YouTube channel and Squarespace site URL. Once verified, Squarespace will offer you the account for one year completely free!

We’re always looking for ways to help our community thrive on YouTube, but success is ultimately up to you! So if you want to build your brand and create a web destination for your following, sign up for Squarespace today! Have a question? Contact us at support@bbtv.com.

Not a partner but interested in joining up? Discover awesome benefits like VISO Catalyst and Epidemic Sound and deals with leading companies like Squarespace and Loot Crate by becoming a part of the BBTV Creator community! Learn more here.

BBTV Partners With Squarespace to Help Creators Launch their Personal Sites

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