Every summer there’s that one track that’s absolutely everywhere and takes over as the “Song Of The Summer”. This year’s front-runner for the crown is Major Lazer’s infectious and totally out-of-the-box smash “Lean On”.

The music collective, put together by DJ and super-producer Diplo, fuses Jamaican-dancehall and Caribbean flavours with electronic beats for a signature bashment-meets-EDM aesthetic that’s taking them straight to the top of the charts. “Lean On” is currently at number 17 on the Billboard 100 and has already topped Spotify’s Top 50 Global Chart.

So what does this have to do with us? Popular songs make for popular YouTube videos, right?  Well “Lean On’ has become something of a phenomenon and BroadbandTV has worked closely with Major Lazer to manage their success on the platform, and help them make the most out of their YouTube fortunes.

Here’s How:

We work with music artists of all sizes, and across genres on YouTube in providing (among other services):

  1. Content Management
  2. Strategy Support

This means that it’s up to us to discover, claim, and where possible monetize any fan-uploaded videos – maximizing the view count and revenue for the artists.

Maxing Out The Success of “Lean On”

Breaking down our services for Major Lazer, on the one side, we’ve ensured they’ve kept ownership over the distribution and earning potential of their work:

Since March 23rd, the single has garnered over 258 million impressions.That’s a lot of views…and a lot of potential revenue! Both the Bollywood-inspired official music video and hypnotically-animated lyric video have been smashes, and are responsible for a big chunk of this. But over 51 million of the views have come from over 33,000 fan-uploaded videos of the song. This is something the group might not have had access to without working with us.

On the other side, our team has mapped out a long-term strategy for their channel.

When we started working with Major Lazer their channel was generating about 2.5 million monthly views. With the success of “Lean On” and BBTV’s support, the channel now boasts over 110 million views each month. We’ve also worked to help the group grab views beyond the single, with a strategy of releasing lyric videos in a staggered schedule for each song on their album, helping generate consistent traffic to the channel outside of the hit.

Major Lazer Infographic

For more on Major Lazer, check the out their channel here.

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How BBTV is Helping Make Major Lazer a YouTube Smash!

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