Hey there #BBTVfam,

We’re so excited to introduce a new way to monetize your content! BBTV has partnered with GawkBox to help you earn more while doing what you love.

As a member of the #BBTVFam*, you’re eligible to receive an additional 5% bonus on each GawkBox sponsored tip when you sign up your channel!



Monetization solution?

GawkBox offers a new way for your viewers to donate without taking money out of their own pockets. The average content creators are adding 25-50% to their monthly YouTube and Twitch earnings.


Empower Your Viewers!

1) Viewers can now donate meaningful amounts, without actually spending their own money.

2) The average free donation through GawkBox ranges between $1 to $150 per free donation.

3) With over 50+ free donation options on desktop and mobile, viewers can donate for free and in less time than ever before.


Discover what the hype is about:


* Only North American partners eligible at this time


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BBTV & GawkBox: Bringing live streams to life.

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