This week we’ve got a  new batch of Fresh Faces to welcome to the #BBTVfam! Check them out below:  


Nikki Boyer

You may have heard of Nikki if you were a fan of Yahoo’s Daytime in No Time series. Now on YouTube, you can find Nikki creating original and hilarious parodies, like Taylor Swift Bad Blood, and a lot more from the comedian. Check out the viral video below!

You can follow Nikki on Twitter here!



KaiVLG is new to the #BBTVFam but he is already making waves as one of the funniest new vloggers around! Check out his channel for gameplays, skits and so much more.

You can follow KaiVLG of twitter here!  


Caroline Evangeline

Never go out of style with the help of our newest lifestyle/fashion creator Caroline Evangeline! Her video below, a recap of her ‘Outfits of the Week’ is just a taste of the fashion inspiration you’ll find on her channel. You’ll also find easy hair tutorials, travel vlogs, and beauty routines to name a few!

You can follow Caroline on instagram here!

Sian Marie

Feeling inspired to beautify yourself for the weekend? Check out Sian (pronounced Sharn) latest videos all about OOTD’s and tutorials, tags and reviews, and a whole lot of beauty. And she posts new videos every Wednesdays and Sundays!

You can follow Sian here!

Ciarra deBritto

Finally, lose yourself in Ciarra deBritto’s world! One of our newest members to the #BBTVFam, Ciarra uses her channel as a way to share her short films as well as regularly vlogging. Check out her latest video below!

You can follow Ciarra on Twitter here!


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