This week we’ve got a  new batch of Fresh Faces to welcome to the #BBTVfam! Check them out below:  


Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution

One word, dogs! If you have a pup, thinking of getting one, or simply just an admirer of man’s best friend, take a look at Zak George’s training REVOLUTION!

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Queen Teshna

Platinum blonde? Then you NEED to check out Queen Teshna for all your beauty, hair, fashion and health news. Based out of London, Queen Teshan  shares some of the fiercest glam looks around!

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Basic Filmmaker

Filmmakers unite! Basic Filmaker is the all-encompassing channel for practical filmmaking! Covering all things film, filmmaking, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, sound and audio, lighting, lenses, editing, cameras, gear, acting, scripting, storyboards, and more. Even been known to do some DIY stuff too.

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Brooke Smith

Glam up your look with a little help from Brooke, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. Her step by step instructions will make even the newest of makeup addicts into Kardashian look-a-likes in no time!

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Lukas Gage

Actor, writer, and now YouTuber, get to know Lukas Gage, whose only been making videos for a month, but is already seeing incredible growth for his chanel.  Check out his series  ‘Sex Education Snapchat’ and ‘Couples Therapy,’  and more below!

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CuteiFish aka Cody is a 16 year old from UK. Her videos are sometimes random but always endearing, encouraged from her loyal following of subscribers. Don’t forget she ‘Love(s) you lots like jelly tots.’ We love you too, CutieFish!  

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Dive into the Korean culture and follow Gwen, a 19 year old vlogger from the United states as she navigates Ewha University and her new country.

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Meet Dylan King! Dylan’s a guru in the making sharing his best beauty hacks, storytime, covers and even reactions to today’s hit music! Check out his latest video below!

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Thomas Hayden TV has re-launched, bringing you a variety of videos on anything from, magic & comedy, Disney, theme parks & travel, cooking, baking, tech and so much more!  Take a look at his blossoming channel below…PS new video’s every Friday!

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