Brand new year, brand new fresh faces! This week we’re once again bringing you a collection of a few of the latest creators who’ve joined the #BBTVfam! Check them out below:  



Join lifestyle talk show reporter Aubrey Jackson on her channel where she shares her love of all things fashion, hair and beauty! Check out her tutorials, vlogs that are full of Aubrey’s positivity and great attitude!

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RockIT Tech

Looking to repair or upgrade your phone, tablet or Macbook? RockIT Tech is an electronic repair shop that is here to help! Check out their DIY videos and reviews of the latest gadgets!

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Cut Dat

10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife? Well you can tell Alanis there’s nothing ironic here, thanks to the boys at Cut Dat showing you how you can cut through anything with a spoon! Check out their hilarious attempts and surprising successes, (with soothing background commentary), tackling the world of cutting armed only with a silver kitchen spoon below.   

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Kids Song

Kids Song is the perfect channel for kids, toddlers and babies! Find lots of fun songs and popular characters to engage and excite kids of all ages!

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Andrew Baena

Andrew is coming at you with Djent and Metal covers of your favourite pop songs! Check out his channel to find top quality covers and metal songs!

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NerdInsider brings you the latest rundowns and reactions of popular shows, geek and pop culture! If it’s nerdy, they’ve got you covered!

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BBTV Fresh Faces Edition 14!

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