Fresh Faces

This week we’re once again bringing you a collection of some of the latest creators who’ve joined the #BBTVfam! Check out BBTV Fresh Faces Edition 11 below:  

Raw Cave

Showing the world just how easy it is to make healthy food that tastes delicious, join Zac for the all the best paleo, vegan, and smoothie recipes that’ll have you looking as good as you’ll feel enjoying them!

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Just a dude with dreads trying to survive in Japan, this Cali native vlogs his experiences halfway across the world, as he gives fans a fly-on-the-wall culture shock experience in one of the most colourful, lively places on earth!

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Video Bakery

This creative crew of college friends serve up some of the funniest videos on YouTube. Check out their hilarious shorts and sub to make sure you’re first in line when the Bakery delivers a fresh new batch of hilarity!

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Home Science

Ever wonder what happens when chlorine meets Coca Cola? Or why juice from orange peels can pop balloons? Home Science has the answers, and delivers countless eye-popping experiments that have to be seen to be believed!  

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Jorge is more than a collector, he’s a straight-up addict when it comes to toys! Check out his channel for epic hauls, news, and reviews of the latest toys and collectibles hitting shelves!

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YeahBro TV

Join the YeahBro family for unscripted skits, unboxing blind boxes, kinder eggs and many more surprises!

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Barbara Antigua

From jet-setting to lookbooks, Barbara Antigua’s channel has it all! Change up your beauty routine and get inspiration to travel the world with her vlog!

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MyHair MyHobby

Karin loves showing off her natural side! A hair enthusiast, she lets her natural locks rule and is proud put them on display. Check out her channel for tutorials and tons of hair inspiration!

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BBTV Fresh Faces Edition 11!

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